Friday, 25 September 2015

Mornings in London

How people think it s like
How it actually is
You have to be an idiot and lie. If you go to the ticket office first, you even jump the queue without being hated, cause after it doesn't make sense to go back, but wait from that point, which is closer to the gates. You have to push others so you can make it in time. Those who are more relaxed are either working for a long time in the company or their boss is fairly flexibile with the arrival time. The rest of us is pushing, smelling the less taller's hair while the taller smell ours. Some even enjoy accidentally touching each other. That s why they stop apologizing. Some girls were having such a laugh yesterday at their breasts touching, it wouldn t have surprised me if they started kissing. Are the drivers porn movie directors or people using the tube just desperately single? I can tell you that most of londoners are using head and shoulders as a shampoo, nina ricci and floral essences in general. Or maybe just marketers? You can also be loyal and come to the same wagon at about the same time if you want to enjoy the same peeps. Also, if you feel a bit angry at your life you just wait until someone steps on your feet, it will obviously happen, and then start screaming and create a conflict where you talk about lack of manners.

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