Saturday, 12 September 2015


We define feelings and give them names and put them into categories. We have names for almost everything and that's good, because this is how we understand each other, but it can also be bad because there are still objects and feelings that haven't been discovered yet. Soon we will run out of words, so when we will discover new feelings they will be expressed only with short sounds like a TTTTTTTTT or a SSSSSSS. I mean when you feel it, you just start TTTTTTTTing at the person in a high note or low note, both meaning different things. And soon we will run out of sounds, so nothing new will be verbalised, we will have to stop talking because we concluded words are not enough. We will try to find an escape in art, everyone will get back to drawing and painting and taking photographs. Nothing will be good or bad anymore. When people will be violent to each other, the onlookers will start taking photos with flash so they will disturb them and eventually make them stop. Reinventing language.

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