Friday, 25 February 2011

you dead?

If you look outside and it s snowing,then you should know it s fucking winter.Stop waiting for summer,and accept it.It s winter,put some clothes on and make a snow man.
It s important how we deal with things we don t like.I realized this after two weeks spent in my house.That s what i do.If there s something i don t like,i don t try to change it,i do all kind of things that make me feel useful,but in the same time the things i m doing keep me away from reality,i ignore what i don t like and wait until i have what i need.But who said that what i don't need is not also important?It s not fucking summer now,tomorrow i m not going to the seaside,i m going to make a snow man


  1. Din categoria: Refuz sa accept realitatea si tot ce e in jur, pentru ca eu imi creez propria realitate.

  2. nu,tocmai asta renunt la realitatea pe care mi-o creez,in favoarea celei in care traieste toata lumea.