Friday, 25 February 2011

ma simt ca o fotografie supraexpusa

I’m writing this half drunk
At a concert I could exchange
with a boring conversation on instant messenger.
In the toilet, I ask every girl
Who’s waiting at the queue
If there is love
They all say yes and smile
And hug me.
They probably think I broke up with my boyfriend.
But there ain’t no boyfriend;
and there ain’t no love;
five glasses of vodka
killed all my muses.
what was God thinking when he made alcohol?


  1. Îmi place mult!
    Şi asta şi postarea cu titlul "yeah".

  2. Was he trying to find a cure,
    Or spread a disease.
    Was he trying to fix a mistake?
    If so, are we mistake?
    Are you Miss Take every excuse
    Just to justify the alcohol abuse,
    Then blame God for putting
    the carciuma in the drum
    While you bathe your
    Pale hands in the blood of your muse.

  3. man made alcohol not god

  4. and god made man