Wednesday, 13 January 2010

reclama la barbatul baiat

Are you tired of watching romantic movies on AXN with happy ending?Are you tired of your complicated life?You're looking for something easy and fun?We can help you.Have THE MAN.You can find him anywhere.At a pub,at a que shop,moving nervously his feet,at the railway station,starring at a skinny girl with high-heels,driving his father's expensive car and saying his older brother's cheap lines,at a conference,talking about air pollution,and then throwing his empty bottle on the street,at the cinema in the front row,talking loud about sex during the movie and of course,outside your door with flowers,telling you how much he loves you since he cheated on you with your best friend.
All you need to do is................ wash his socks pay the dinner at the restaurant dress in pink wear red lipstick and high-heels drive him home play with his dog let him talk about his ex buy him ties and newspapers talk about weather never about yourself always clean after him tell him how nice he is,how lucky you are go out with his friends pretend you're interested in his work and most important:don't wait for calls back!If you're interested,call 0800 638 721.The psychiatry center.

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