Friday, 15 January 2010

dreamer.looking for dreams.

i get out of bed sometimes and i look outside the window
there's always this rush
people who read magazines
people who smoke
who cross the street
who drive someone else's cars
people.nothing less,nothing more
and there's,of course,always someone ringing
asking me something
just like there is always someone leaving
while i have a shower
you don't know exactly who you are
since there's so much coming and going
but it would be weird to stop for a second
and ask where the dreams have gone
was it when i got drunk that night
or when i bought the glittering dress
is it that i lost them in every person
i touched
oh,i hope not.i barely know their names
so this is wake up one morning
and the only thing you know about yourself
is someone else's name

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