Saturday, 19 September 2009

when i grow up

they watched the same movie from different rooms.
:i go into the woods.
and what do you see?
a bridge across the water and on the other side there's a hill with a house on top of it.i can see the water moving,but i can;t hear it.i can see some kids too,running in circles,and they laugh,but i can't hear that either.there's no sound
what are the kids doing there?
i think they want to warn me about something
she stops in front of me,blue eyes,freckles,and starts drawing with a piece of red chalk
i ask what it is
she speaks,but i can't hear it
then the kids run away in the woods and i am stuck in front of a drawing that i don't understand.i look down is me wearing the same clothes,looking towards that house.perhaps i'm where i have to be
what do you do now?
i cross the bridge back
i'm afraid