Sunday, 8 November 2015

Brussels with disposable camera

For my birthday, James bought me a little present and it read: Brussels. March. 
Ana, my friend from Romania guided us through the city that  reminded me of my hometown and of Cluj Napoca. We spent our mornings in the local vintage market, looking for goodies. People were smiling at us and if we met them later by accident, they said "hello". All I could think of was how much I miss Romania.  I bought a book in French that I half read and overall I wanted to spend my time in libraries, vintage markets and kissing James on every street. These guys made a museum out of anything, so we thought of opening a British&Romanian one too and move to Brussels. We're still thinking about it...Every gallery I went to belonged to an artist that was selling their work, hands up for that. The chocolate museum was closed, but the streets we walked on until we found it were inspiring. We briefly saw Manneken Pis and thanks God we were pissed 'cause at least we had a good laugh. The city was inspiring and friendly. I would have loved to move there for six months and start writing a book, while looking outside my window from time to time at the passers by and inserting in the chapter small sequences I overheard or saw.
Places we've seen and top places to see in Brussels: 
1.Grand Place  
2.Museum of musical instruments
3.Les galeries royales Saint Hubert
4.Notre Dame du Sablon
6.Musee Renee Magritte
7. Jardin du Petit Sablon
Because of the weather we didn't manage to see Mini Europe, Atomium and lack of time Horta Museum.

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