Friday, 12 December 2014

Hello beautiful world

Every morning after I wake up, I seat on the sofa, looking at the empty cups of tea. This is my morning ritual. It makes me realise how much tea I drank last night and nothing more. Then I look out the window and there's this tree. Just looking at it makes me feel better. It's a reminder that I need to slow down, to enjoy life. It's a meditation with eyes open and in complete silence. I bet everyone from my building is seeing it. For some, it's just an obstacle to see the railway. For others, it's just the biggest tree from the garden. For the rest of us, it's the meditation tree. Again, the secret is that we don't see trees how they are, we see trees how we are. I have to get up and be part of this world today. I have to put on my lipstick, my uniform, and experience the world. It's always exciting, because every day is different. Yesterday I saw an old man with the whitest long beard at the library. He was flipping the pages of a book with black and white photographs. I don't know if he was Santa Claus, God, a homeless, a scientist or just in my head, but I wanted to go to him and give him a hug. I never did that, but it doesn't matter. Thoughts define who we are, not deeds. Thoughts influence deeds. Our thoughts shape our reality. Whatever you think in your mind hoping no one else will find out, you need to know it's not going to just stay there. Your thoughts are a projection of your desire and they will become your reality by attracting what you are thinking to happen. You can't escape who you truly are. You need to change your thoughts if they are negative, just remember who you truly are within and don't be afraid.

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