Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Stories from the tube

We were 5 people sitting next to each other reading .
A man with a skull tattooed on his hand is holding a baby doll's bed . The skull is covering the pink blanket. He is swearing all the time. I don't know if he is insane or just mad at someone.
A lady is eating popcorn, watching me and smilling as if I'm some kind of a good soap opera.
A black handsome guy sits in front of me. I'm wearing the black french wig and a white coat. He's gently putting his book aside and stares at me. I'm blushing. I felt as if we were having sex and I didn't really enjoy it.
Two old people  holding hands.
A guy is singing a stupid song loud, maybe too loud.  The woman next to him is asking him to keep the volume down. His reply: " HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO NEW YORK? EVERYONE IS SINGING THERE." and then offers his place to someone and keeps on singing and the girl keeps on frowning at him.

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