Wednesday, 17 June 2009

the past expresses a fulfilled action,which can not be changed

there was a man who used to go in the woods after work,to take a long walk,until dawn,always carrying a knapsack.he was doing it for a couple of years
one day,he met a local villager
excuse me,mister.i've seen you wandering around for a long,i wanted to ask you,but never had the occasion,you see.why do you feel the need to escape from reality?
and he answered
now you tell me what is more real.a job from 6 am to 3 pm in an office with people who barely talk to each other ,or a walk in the woods
the villager smiled,but didn't say anything.


  1. pentru satean primul exemplu nu exista.

  2. Anonymous18 June, 2009

    exista,dar nu se regaseste

  3. Anonymous20 June, 2009


  4. Anonymous20 June, 2009

    too bad he didn't say anything..